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A Message from the President

When I was offered the opportunity to serve as President of University Farm Circle in 2020 - 2021, I had no idea we would be in the middle of a pandemic that has transformed our daily lives.  The challenge of leading such an active organization within the constraints of mandatory distancing seems overwhelming.  It is only because UFC is an organization comprised of many leaders with a diversity of strengths and an abundance of energy that I believe we can enjoy one of the most meaningful years ever.  UFC can help us avoid social isolation in the midst of physical distancing. 

I cannot promise that we will be able to continue every cherished tradition in the same way this year as in the past.  What I can promise you is innovation, flexibility and personal engagement as we continue to support each other through a challenging time.  Now, more than in “normal times,” we need each other.

Among other things, UFC is a social organization.  If you have ideas for activities or improvements to “business as usual,” speak up.  Over 80 interest sections have been created and are attended by members like you.  Yours is the energy that drives our organization.  Your creative ideas have led to the wine groups, dinner groups, garden groups, bird watching groups, walking groups, golf groups, pickle ball groups, and more.  Your ideas will allow us to maintain the social connections that help us all.  Your UFC board members and section leaders are already working to create an innovative new season; we invite you to contribute as well.

While sheltering in place, wearing face masks in public and figuring out the best way to shop for groceries, your UFC leaders have been working to adapt our sections, programs and annual events to abide by new rules that safeguard our health.  I was disappointed to miss our annual Spring Luncheon last year while others of you missed fun excursions to Napa, Locke, and Sausalito. This year we will offer adaptable programs that allow us to maintain our connectedness remotely.  Although there is much that is unknown about when we can get together in person, we will offer trips and large gatherings as soon as it is safe to do so.

One project that will allow us to stay in touch is this dynamic new website, which allows us to pay dues and make donations online.  Other features will be added incrementally, allowing for blogs, forums, and event registration.  In the meantime, we will continue to use Zoom, YouTube, and email to conduct business and maintain friendships.  Please join us in these and other efforts to celebrate another year of “friendship, enrichment, and scholarships.”

Molly Hillis, UFC President, 2020 - 2021

Molly Hillis, UFC President, 2020 - 2021

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