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UFC Past Presidents

On August 30, 2019, past presidents Regi Hamel, Nancy Roe, and Judy Wydick hosted a luncheon for 30 University Farm Circle past presidents. Recognizing the ever-increasing cost of a college education, they wanted to inform their guests of the current status of our Endowment and the need to have the Endowment grow.

The past presidents were happy to visit with friends they hadn’t seen recently as they caught up with each other and reminisced about past Farm Circle events. After a delicious lunch prepared by the hostesses, Regi, Nancy, and Judy spoke to the importance of our UFC heritage, pride in our work of increasing our Endowment, and recognition that we are on the way to an Endowment with a market value of over $1,000,000.

Since the luncheon, University Farm Circle’s past presidents have donated an additional $29,200. This gives our endowment a wonderful boost towards the new goal.

Thanks go to Regi, Nancy, Judy, and all past presidents for their ongoing support and generous donations.

Regi Hamel, Judy Wydick and Nancy Roe organized a luncheon for all UFC Past Presidents to kickstart a campaign to increase our scholarship fund toward the goal of one million dollars. At the 2018 Scholarship Reception, they presented this $29,200 “check,” representing the donation of 38 presidents.

Photo: Judy Wydick, Melinda Hillis, Sue Colombano, Regi Hamel, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Diversity Raquel Aldana, and Nancy Roe. Photo by Deanna Lee

Front row l-r: Mary Alice Carswell, Rosie Soohoo, Maxine Schmalenberger,
Ruth Asmundson, Myrna Hayes, Judy Wydick,
Elizabeth Sagehorn, Melinda Hillis
Second row: Deanna Lee, Linda Ziskind, Mary Fish,
Kathy Stevens, Pat Kaminker, Cathy Norman,
Carlene Ozonoff, Betty Pfeifer, Lydia Baskin,
Lea Rosenberg, Regi Hamel, Nancy Roe
Third Row: Marylee Hardie, Joan Salee, Sheila Beyer,
Sue Colombano, Ruth Shumway,
Elysa Hillis, Leslie Patti, Lois Wolk,
Diane Makley, Cynthia Gerber, Sue Smith

Not Pictured: Yvonne Adcock, Linda Bernheim, Janet Collins,
Judy Cunningham, Eina Dutton, Liz Fenton,
Renee Liston, Cathy Pickett, Barbara Smith Vaughn, and Pat Stromberg.

Photo by Deanna Lee

2022-23 Pat Stromberg

2021-22 Susan Rodgers

2020-21 Molly Hillis

2019-20 Kathy Tyzzer

2018-19 Melinda Hillis

2017-18 Janet Collins

2016-17 Liz Fenton

2015-16 Pat Stromberg

2014-15 Mary Fish

2013-14 Sheila Beyer & Linda Ziskind

2012-13 Yvonne Adcock & Cathy Pickett

2011-12 Sue Colombano & Pat Kaminker

2009-11 Deanna Lee & Betty Pfeifer

2008-09 Cathy Norman & Carlene Ozonoff

2007-08 Leslie Patti & Kathy Stevens

2006-07 Lea Rosenberg & Elysa Hillis

2005-06 Lydia Baskin & Diane Makley

2004-05 Mary Fish

2003-04 Nancy Roe

2002-03 Lydia Baskin

2001-02 Regina Hamel

2000-01 Lea Rosenberg & Sue Smith

1999-00 Renée Liston & Carol McCarthy

1998-99 Elizabeth Sagehorn

1997-98 Renée Liston

1996-97 Carol McCarthy

1995-96 Anne Veihmeyer

1994-95 Cynthia Gerber

1993-94 Judy Cunningham

1992-93 Linda Bernheim

1990-92 Mary Robertson

1989-90 Barbara Smith Vaughn

1988-89 Patricia Hartford

1987-88 Mary Alice Carswell

1986-87 Carol Lee Coss

1985-86 Myrna Hayes

1984-85 Ruth Asmundson

1983-84 Ruth Shumway

1982-83 Lois Wolk

1981-82 Joan (Roessler) Perelman

1980-81 Joan Sallee

1979-80 Ann Testa

1978-79 Marie Benisek

1977-78 Marilyn McCapes

1976-77 Judy Wydick

1975-76 Helen (Loiseaux) Voss

1974-75 Kathleen Murphy

1973-74 Petie Padden

1972-73 Eina Dutton

1971-72 Beth Johnson

1970-71 Marylee Hardie

1969-70 Rosie Soohoo

1968-69 Erna Thompson

1967-68 Dodie Knowles

1966-67 Ruth Stumpf

1965-66 Ann Allard

1964-65 Alice Hungate

1963-64 Nina McCorkle

1962-63 Lois Spafford

1961-62 Martha Hafer

1960-61 Tink Nickerson

1959-60 Maxine Schmalenberger

1958-59 Barbara Ray

1957-58 Skip Hills

1956-57 Jewel Davis

1955-56 Barbara Jackson

1954-55 Alice Deering

1953-54 Lucille Bankowski

1952-53 Helen Heitman

1951-52 Lorena Herrig

1950-51 Ruth Painter

1949-50 Marjorie Guyer

1948-49 Linda Van Norden

1947-48 Marsaille Morris

1946-47 Delia Hanna

1945-46 Aline Asmundson

1944-45 Emma Ryerson

1943-44 Ruth Lorenz

1942-43 Alice Crafts & Martha Usinger

1941-42 Helen Powers

1940-41 Margaret Brooks

1939-40 Elizabeth Montgomery

1938-39 Sceatta Gittinger

1937-38 Marion Conrad

1936-37 Laura Griffin

1935-36 Gertrude Huberty & Issa Long

1934-35 Helen Perry

1933-34 Lena Bainer

1932-33 Rose Gilmore

1931-32 Alta Bisson

1930-31 Mary Sevier

1929-30 Coralee Walker

1928-29 Marion Maclise

1927-28 Nancy Mountjoy Bauer

1926-27 May Belle Howard

1925-26 Katherine Howell

1924-25 Christine Roadhouse

1923-24 Jane Vansell

1922-23 Rae Tavernetti

1921-22 Bess Smith

1920-21 Ruth Fletcher

1919-20 Lois Becket

1918-19 Margaret Davidson

1917-18 Bertha Rogers

1916-17 Maud Van Norman

1915-16 Flora Hayes

1914-15 Elizabeth True

2/1914   Flora Woll

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