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Coming October 7, 2020, 4 pm!
Scholarship Reception and Fall Welcome
Meet our 2020 - 2021 Scholarship Recipients


THEN: University Farm Circle was founded in 1914 to bring together the women associated with the University Farm—especially the female staff and faculty wives—to help the young boys at the school.

NOW: You do not need to be associated with the University to be a member. All are welcome!

If you are new to the community or to UFC, we invite you to join any of our Newcomers activities to get acquainted with our area and to meet other women.

For more information, email info@ufcdavis.org.

Join us!


UFC makes a special effort to welcome Newcomers. It also currently has over 80 active Interest Sections, from A (Antiquing and Art Galleries) to Y (Yoga).


Over 600 members participate in Programs like our Speaker Series, trips, workshops, and annual events like our Fall Reception and Spring Luncheon.


UFC began awarding Scholarships in 1937. Today, we continue to award to qualified undergraduate students at UC Davis.


Programs and Newcomers Events

Upcoming events

    • October 02, 2020
    • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
    • Zoom Event

    Join our friendly, informal gathering of Newcomers on the first Friday of every month. Newcomers Chairs will welcome you, introduce you to new members ,and get you started on the fun of being a UFC member. Please bring your own beverage to in-person events.  10:00 – 11:30 AM on Oct 2, Nov 6, Dec 4, Jan 8 (2nd Friday), Feb 5, March 5, April 2, and May 7 

    Note: In-person events will replace Zoom events if group size and circumstances allow. Please check the Newcomers page on the UFC website for up-to-date information about all Newcomers programs.

    Contact Ann Fersht (afersht46@gmail.com) or Jane Richardson (janeer2617@gmail.com).

    • October 07, 2020
    • 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (PDT)
    • YouTube
    Your UFC Board and the Scholarship Committee invite members to tune in to our remote Scholarship Reception and Fall Welcome to be aired on YouTube on October 7th at 4 pm. You may watch on your television, your computer, or your cell phone as Scholarship Chair Janet Collins introduces our scholarship winners. They will inspire us with descriptions of their academic achievements, their charitable work, and the extraordinary efforts they have made to pursue their goals. 

    In addition to our remarkable honorees, we will hear from our keynote speaker, Lois Wolk, who served as UFC President in May of 1983 when Chancellor Meyer officially granted UCD Support Group status to UFC. She will talk about the history of University Farm Circle and how its members have supported UCD students in many ways through good times and bad. Finally, Ann Fersht will welcome Newcomers and will join UFC past President Carlene Ozonoff in describing the innovative programs and events of the coming year.  

    Watch your newsletter for instructions about signing up for interest sections and bringing your own refreshments. Although we are not able to gather for a large event this year, you may want to celebrate by viewing the YouTube program with a “close cohort” of friends.  For more information contact Linda Marshall (lindamarshall1@yahoo.com) or Elizabeth Lasensky (elasensky@sbcglobal.net).

Watch Us On YouTube

Coming Oct. 7: Link to the Scholarship Reception and Fall Welcome video on YouTube.

Click to download the Scholarship Reception and Fall Welcome Booklet.

Mission Statement

UFC (University Farm Circle) connects campus and community through friendship, enrichment, and scholarships.

  • Friendship: Welcomes newcomers to the university campus and community.
  • Enrichment: Provides programs and activities to meet the needs and interests of its members.
  • Scholarships: Assists students through scholarships.

Become a member

You do not need to be associated with the University to be a member.

All are welcome!

Contact us

University Farm Circle
PO Box 858, Davis, CA 95617-0858

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